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TechRestore DIY Repair SafetyNet

Part Number: NET
TechRestore DIY Repair SafetyNet
So let's say you follow one of our repair guides or watch a video and you're feeling like a Boss when you start your repair. So far, so good. Halfway through, you run into a problem, or maybe you're about to put everything back together, but you can't quite remember how things line up, maybe your cat ran off with all the screws for your device. You get the idea.

You realize, you could use some help. Simply head to the SafetyNet section of our website, or make that human-to-human contact at 925-689-9488. We will email you a pre-paid shipping label to pickup your device. Simply drop-off at your local FedEx and once we receive your SafetyNet package, we will inspect your device, diagnose the issue and offer you a quick solution so we can get your device back to you as quickly as possible.

What's it cost? Just $29 and that includes FedEx Ground shipping to TechRestore, the diagnosis and return ground shipping back to you. If additional parts or labor are needed, we will provide you a no-obligation price quote and apply the cost of the parts you purchased, towards the repair price.

Need a faster shipping option? Please call 925-689-9488 M-F 8-5pm PT for help.

Condition: New
Our Price: $29.00