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Need Apple-certified Mac repairs? We're here to help! Just ask these folks below...

I took my older Powerbook G4 in for repair of a damaged display, and the following day, received phone call to discuss status and other problems found. They completed replacement/upgrade of my hard drive with a rapid turn around. Great service at a fraction of the price and a much faster turn around than available at the Apple Store. I was most impressed by my experience with TechRestore, starting with the boss, Shannon Jean, who seemed to take a personal interest in me as a customer. This dedication to customer service runs throughout the organization and was evident at every point of contact from the friendly and efficient front office staff to the helpful and knowledgeable tech who contacted me about my unit. I will definitely be using TechRestore for any future Apple repairs or upgrades.
--John W., Walnut Creek, CAmichael.jpg

Just thought you might like to pass along a great powerbook repair experience with TechRestore. I dropped my TiBook and cracked the hinge and the case, though everything else was cool. Did their 19 dollar do it yourself shipping option and they called me right away. Now, what impressed me was their honesty. It would have cost 550 to fix everything, and they were totally upfront about it probably not being worth it. Because it still worked, they suggested it just become a 'kitchen' machine and just don't close the lid. Which, is what it has happily become. They sent my machine back for 15 bucks. TechRestore was aweseome and I can't recommend them - just on their integrity alone - stongly enough. I will be using them for all my future service.
--Tommy Igoe, River Edge, NJ

OKAY, I know you receive many of these. But I thought I'd add my

nora.jpgI am just writing this e-mail to let you know that Techrestore did a great job on upgrading the hard drive in my ibook, i have to admit I was a little hesitant about sending my ibook in for the upgrade to a company I did not know but, I am sure glad I idid. Everything was just as promised and within 24 hours exactly as promised. I just wanted to say thanks and I will be recommending you to all my friends. You guys are great.
--Vincent J. Bocio, Northport, NY

You guys freakin' rock. You fixed the power switch and the top right trigger. If I ever have any other technology break on me, I will send it to you. Thank you TechRestore!!!
--Chris Turgeon, Long Pine, NE

FINALLY, someone who does what they say, when they say, for the price they quote! I used your PSP Restore service when my daughter dropped her PSP. It was repaired and returned as stated with no surprises. And when you made a mistake and didn't ship the case back with the unit, you handled it no questions asked! How great is that! If there is a next time (nothing personal, but i hope not!) I will definitely use Tech Restore.
--David Collins, Chesapeake, VA

I just wanted to say I got my laptop back from you guys yesterday and it's great! Thanks for the fabulous work and fast turnaround.
--John Goodner, HiP Design, Burbank, CA

Thank you for all of your help. If I ever need to have another Ipod repaired, you guys will be the first place I will contact. I will gladly recommend you to my friends without hesitation.
--Don Levstick, Sherman, TX

You guys are amazing. Fast, professional, courteous. Thank you very much.
--Tony Boemi, New York, NY

two-cents worth. I received the piddling-little rubber foot for my 700 MHz iBook today. At most a ten-cent part. You mailed it out just after I called. Wow! I am more than satisfied with my Dual-USB iBook. Admittedly, I had trepidation in ordering a 'previously-owned' Mac. My fear were unfounded. The machine is in great condition. The battery life seems to be in excess of *five* hours. I installed OS 10.3.9 without a hitch. Life is good! Tech Restore is good! Thank you. My friends will be hearing about you, that's for sure.
--Ken Workman, Etowah, NC

I recently had my Powerbook G4 Titanium upgraded using your Powerbook Restore 24-hour service, and I wanted to say that your service was everything you promised on your website! My Powerbook's hard drive had crashed and needed replacing, so I took the opportunity to upgrade it to a 60G drive, and also add more memory. I placed my order on Monday afternoon EST, had my shipping box by early Tuesday morning, packed up my laptop and sent it out by lunchtime on Tuesday, heard from you on Wednesday, and had my Powerbook back by Thursday! I was very pleased with this experience, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing Mac repairs or upgrades!
--Jacqui Batten, Old Tappan, NJ.

Just read your news and Blog for the first time. Both are great! Thanks.
--Doug Smith, Lake Jackson, TX

Fantastic. Thanks for the prompt response!!! You guys are awesome. My daughter will be very happy.
--Sebastion Stanciu, University of Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your TechRestore e-mails! [TechRestore Special News]
--Darin Pearson

TechRestore is awesome. My iPhone 4 screen broke a week after I got it, so I ordered one of their replacement screens for $100 - cheapest I could find. My fumble hands couldn't get that right and I ended up fumbling that repair. So I called for advice and they were kind of enough to say 'hey, its ok, send it to us and we'll fix it. Since you had problems we'll give you a discount and take care of it. ' That's really cool. They totally get that not everyone is a repair genius. But that's not the best part. They received the phone at 4pm on a Wednesday, repaired it, and shipped it TWO HOURS LATER! Holy Cow that's impressive!!!!! The Apple Store told me it'd take a week to ship to Apple, repair, and ship back, but these guys did it in 2 HOURS!
--John C., Arlington, VA

Great price, great product, but wait there's more. When the hard drive failed after 4 months on my iBook, you replaced the drive AND got it back to me (on the East Coast) in just 5 days. I didn't even have a chance to check the status online! And when the AC adapter wasn't right you shipped another immediately, no questions asked. You just don't find this kind of service very often. Thanks.
--Doug Watson /Newburyport, MA

I would just like to say thanks you all! I sent my laptop out Tuesday at 2PM and it is Thursday 10:30AM and I just received it back. My LCD screen replacement is wonderful. You guys do a wonderful job! I will definetely recommend you to my other friends. Thanks again.
--Jeromy Correa, West Chester, PA

Thanks again for your continued help. I really enjoy doing business with TechRestore because of the continued great customer services that we receive.
--Marlaina Abbot-Ross, Mount Pleasant, SC

Amazing job + turnaround - thanks!
--Michael Tuminello, New York, NY

TechRestore is terrific. Great customer experience, very skilled, great value. I go here before the Apple repair for all of our Macs.
--Ken Y., Lafayette, CA

Thanks again for your help, I am singing your praises to anyone who needs to have repair work done.
--Arlis Duncan, Page One Video Productions, Jacksonville, OR

The other day, while doing some shopping at Home Depot, a person came up to me and asked if I worked for TechRestore. I was puzzled until I realized I was wearing the T-Shirt I got from you at Macworld. It turns out he's ordered a few things from you and had nothing but good things to say. So, there you go... you have some North Alabama fans!
--Jim Adams, dealnews.com

Hey There! It's fantastic what you guys are doing...making hard drive upgrades for iPods.
--H.E. Ratnor, Signapore

-Wonderful, friendly service- -Very reasonable prices- They serviced my MacBook. I will be recommending them to everyone I know with computer repair needs.
--Hoosier Friend, Indiana

I've been very impressed with what I've seen of your company! You seem very customer-oriented. Refreshing! I hope to eventually buy a laptop in the next season or two. Please keep me on your email news lists as I near a purchase. Thank you!
--Tim Waters

Guys. I have to say ....THANK YOU. I went into this process fully expecting that something would go wrong along the way. Instead everything went so very well that I am dumbfounded. I turned on the computer and all of the configurations were perfect. It works the same, only better and faster. Thank you.
--Remy Levy, Santa Monica, CA

With less than a 24 hour turn-around, my computer made it back to me in two days with a fresh new screen. I am blown away! Your company has saved my trip and I will forward this letter to everyone I know!
--Richard Athey, Gainesville, FL

My beloved iBook arrived safely home a little while ago and I am just THRILLED with the work TechRestore has done! There really aren't words to thank you! You guys are the BEST and you can bet the farm that I will be spreading the word to my friends! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
--Anne Beal, Baltimore, MD

It came a day earlier than promised and is working great! Thanks for your good service.
--Ken LaCorte, Fox News Channel, L.A. CA

Great service, knowledge and pricing! Excellent place to go for Apple know how at fair prices...
--H. Sattich, Louisville, Ky

I cannot say enough great things about TechRestore. My Macbook fell off the bed and I ruined the screen, so I freaked out, realizing the screens are not cheap. After some research, I found the Mac Store was going to charge me 800-900 dollars... so I went looking for some alternatives. Thank God I found TechRestore. They were quick, efficient and the nicest people around. My turnaround didn't happen quickly, but that's my fault - and UPS's fault. So I can't blame TechRestore for that. They kept me up to date with what was happening. This a big thing for me, since being without my computer meant I couldn't work. They were professional and gracious and I would totally use them again (but I'm hoping I don't have to... I don't want to break my screen again.)! Highly recommended!
--Julie K., Chicago, IL

I had no idea that updating the hard drive in my laptop could be so easy! Thanks for the fast, reliable and all-around excellent service!
--Abigail Hume, Berkley, MI

I just wanted to comment ...... THANK YOU for listing your terms and conditions 'in english' that most people can understand and for doing it with a sense of humor! Makes joining your little group a bit more personal and less intimidating.
--Judy Williams

Thanks for the prompt reply. I'd heard good things about your company, but you people are just fantastic.
--Jeremy Bowers, Gulfport, FL

You guys are quick, professional and smooth. Thanks so much!
--Mary Liebig, Santa Rosa, CA

I received my fully restored titanium powerbook back and could not be more impressed with the service I received from your company. Within hours of my phone call the laptop box arrived at my office and the powerbook was on it's way. I received a call the next business day and found that the repairs would be done that day for a fraction of the cost that I expected. Then. . . the next day, my prized laptop was back, days sooner than I expected. It was clear that it had been carefully packaged by people who respect computers as I do. I cannot imagine ever going anywhere else for my computer repair needs. Thank you from a tremendously satisfied customer.
--Neil Duval, M.D., Lewiston, Maine

You guys rock! Please let service know I'm greatly appreciative!
--Holly Dellacasa, Boulder, CO

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again. The iBook is in better condition than I expected and works great! I appreciate the quick turn-around and good service.
--Michael Heintz, Naperville, IL

Thank you so much for your great service!
--Shelli Johnson, Yellowstone Journal, Lander, WY

I received the three iBooks today and they are in perfect shape. Given this is the first time I've dealt with your company, I couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
--Mike Fry, Troy, MI

I recieved my PowerBook G4 via return mail yesterday. I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for resolving the jammed battery problem. And thanks once again for the quick turn-around time. I won't hesitate to use yourservices in the future, nor will I hesitate to recommend your services.
--Robert Davis, Vienna, VA

Just want to let you know that got my ibook yesterday, I am very happy with the fast and quality service you provide , so far I love my ibook, thank you so much guys, I have lots of friends and co-workers from the hospital I work, they will contact you soon for your services. Again , thank you very much , wonderful service!
--Leyder Dasouqi, Coral Springs, FL

First, let me thank you for the help and speedy service you gave me this week. I was able to get the PowerBook to my customer before the weekend. Saved me! I will certainly use your services again.
--Adrienne McConnachie, Sacramento, CA

I've worked with the TechRestore team for over a decade. They have come through for me time and time again when I needed product support. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to them who needed repair service.
--Tom Spearman, HardCore MacYou guys freakin' rock. You fixed the power switch and the top right trigger. If I ever have any other technology br

I do feel as if I have gotten an incredible deal. In short, I couldn't be happpier! Many thanks -- you guys run a great service.
--Jim Tileston, Louisville, KY

Wow, you guys weren't kidding about fast service. Thanks again!
--Jonathan Johnson, Austin, TX

Last week I sent my 15' TiBook to you for a hinge repair. I was extremely impressed by the quick response, quality work, and timely return of my laptop. I would certainly trust you with any other repairs my computers need. Thanks!
--Gregory Lawthorn, Chino, CA

Thank you for sending the right video adapter for the iBook 700. I will definitely recommend TechRestore to anyone looking for a Mac portable.
--Frederic Schroers, Portland, OR

Thanks a million for fixing my mini so quickly and so well. You guys are THE BEST.
--Larry Jackson, Conyers, GA

Wow! What an incredible service! I'm telling all my friends to go to TechRestore if they need ANY work on their Mac stuff! Aloha!
--Devon Nekuba, Honolulu, HI

The iBook just arrived. It was in your hands yesterday. When I told my friend that I expected to have it today, she said, 'There's no way.' Not only is it here today, it is here before midday. That means I only went one and a third workdays without my computer!!!! Love it! Keep up the good work. It is such a pleasure to do business with such an excellent company.
--Diana Oakley, Woodburn, OR

Just wanted to thank you for the super quick turn around on my Powerbook. You guys have a great service.
--Chris Ebbot, KCBS FM, Los Angeles, CA

Your fine service and efficiency are truly impressive, and we will readily recommend you to all!
--Andrea Cilley, Brookline, MA

Thank you for the speedy and quality work.
--Sam Massa, Clifton, VA

Very impressed with your service.
--John Paul, Sydney, Australia

You guys did a splendid job. Many thanks, will make sure I fill other people in about you all. Shame you weren't here in Australia, I would be buying you all drinks.
--Anne Kemp, Cloverdale, Australia

Wow, I didn't even hope for such a swift and awesome response. Thank you so much.
--Greg Dorschel, Nashville, TN

Thanks again, I'm very impressed with your service and will tell everyone I know where to go with Mac issues.
--David Whittle

Thank you!! From now on, I call you guys first.
--Peter Wallach, Saint Louis, MO

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job replacing the broken screen on my newly acquired i book . And I also want to thank you for your honesty in relaying that I already had an airport card - something the guy at XXXX neglected to tell me when I brought it over to find out what this G3 did and did not have..
--Your fine service and efficiency are truly impressive, and we will readily recommend you to all!, Andrea Cilley

I sent my sons PSP in on Thursday from NY. I got a call on Monday with what was wrong with it and how much the repair would be. My wife called me on Tuesday at work and told me the PSP was just delivered. Repaired and sent from CA to NH all in a day, all I can say is wow. I've already told some friends who were having problems to use you guys. It was worth it, fast, easy and affordable, what more can anybody ask for?
--David Pouliot, Derry, NH

Thanks for helping, you guys have a great attitude and customer service.
--Paul Jacobson, Chicago, IL

I am now at 320 gigs, happy as can be, and everything is functioning perfectly. I have absolutely no problems with the computer, have just downloaded another 4 gigs of photos, and only want to say you folks did a grand job. I would recommend your service to any good friend. You are quick, able, and trustworthy. Thank you so much!
--Ed Harper, Sacramento, CA

When my shipping dept handed me the supplied (by TechRestore) shipping carton for my iPod upgrade, I asked them why they hadn't sent it. They then informed me that it had just arrived back from your shop. Sent on a Monday in the afternoon and back on Wed., the same week, in the morning. Service just doesn't get any better/quicker than this. Many thanks.
--Ken Tilley, Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for the improved hardware [Stainless Steel Hinge Repair] and service that matches what others do with standard hinges.
--Elvin Chan, Chicago, IL

Just wanted to let you know that I received my iPod mini today. I'll be sure to send my iPods, etc for repair to TechRestore (and refer my friends).
--George Masters, GeorgeMasters.com

Excellent service. I will be using you again very soon.
--Richard A. Hess, Paradise Valley, AZ

I also wanted to say how happy I am about TechRestore's customer service. I see your company as a tremendous example of how to do customer service right. In this current world of terrible customer service I think you will continue to shine as a standard of how to do it right. I think you'll find great success if you continue this level of service.
--Jim Younkin, Shufflehacks

Well, I must say, of all the places I sent emails to, you are the quickest to respond, the most honest and have the best turnaround time.
--Michelle Svetlitski

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your company. Clearly you weren't just out to take my money. TechRestore is very different, and I want you to know that your customers really appreciate it. I have already recommended TechRestore to all of my friends. Thank you again!
--Jonathan Tresley, Evanston, IL

I'm sure you know this already, but I've been checking around and your company actually offers the best warranty and price for refurbished ibooks. Look forward to getting an ibook from you in the near future.
--Ken Umineko

Thank you so much for your help. I can't stop raving about the speedy service and nice people your have over there.
--Mark Callahan, Bensalem, PA

You don't know how happy I am right now! You've just made yourself some great word-of-mouth advertising!
--Dave Birbal, Lacey's Spring, AL

Just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with your service.
--Jason G. Elk, Principal Capitol Group, Chicago, IL

I ordered a refurbished iBook recently from TechRestore because you had the best price and warranty I could find. It arrived in excellent condition and functions perfectly. When I asked if I could buy a video connector for it, one was shipped to me free of charge! No one gives such great service! From now on TechRestore is the first place I'll look for refurbished equipment or repair work and whatever else you sell that I need.
--John Gross, Raleigh, NC

The service was excellent. Fast and friendly staff. Thanks for everything!! My new Apple repair headquarters.
--Todd Williams, Louisville, KY

Wanted to thank you for your friendly service and great product. Received my laptop today it is in great shape, better than I expected. Excellent shipping service, a pleasure doing business with you. Will recommend to all my friends. Thanks again- Rick Your new repeat customer.
--Rick McKnight, Gastonia, NC

I'd just like to to say that I'm really impressed with your excellent service! I have already referred you to my friends and now I shall continue to do so doubly. Thanks again and you can quote me on my praise. You run a commendable business and I will shop with you again.
--Daniel Gray, Hackney, London

Thank you so much. Your customer service is excellent! Give this positive feedback to the management.
--Stevie Williams, New Orleans, LA

Amazing place. I just got the 1tb drive installed on my 13in macbook pro and it was here the next day. They even included a little ninja!
--Daniel C., Huntington Beach, CA

Every single person I have spoken to at your company is very helpful and courteous. I'm always impressed with organizations that consistently treat their customers well.
--Kent Stones, Overland Park, KS

Oh my GOSH!! Thank you so much!! This is the best service I have ever received on ANYTHING!! I am so happy with your unbelievable turnaround. I will tell the world about techrestore.com!
--Lauree Mills-Mooney, Petal, MS

Thank you! Even though I chose not to keep the machine, I have been very pleased with your company and its operations. Excellent integrity and efficiency of your business operations, will recommend.
--Michelle Pine, Cupertino, CA

Shannon, I was told to speak to you regarding the great service I've received through your company... If I do need to have future work performed, I will definitely contact your company as well as refer anyone else that needs this type of [iPod Repair] service. I am a retail manager myself and strive to provide great service in my store so my hat goes off to you and your employees for a great experience.
--Matt Turvey, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for the best tech shopping experience of the year, maybe the decade. I was equally impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the people at TechRestore as with the quality of the product you sold me. I'm very glad to have discovered such a wonderful resource... I'll be back.
--Randolph Mitchell, Healdsburg, CA

I look forward to doing more business with TechRestore in the future. Thanks again for the excellent service!
--Russ Wooten, Sunrise, FL

WOW!!! Your company is wonderful. Thank you! I'm very impressed.
--Cory Bell, Antioch, CA

Awesome! I just wanted to say what a wonderful job y'all did. Clint & Brian were so wonderful, I was shocked to have received a phone call from not just one live person but TWO!!! Both were very polite and helpful. My iPod looks great, I think the LCD is better than the one it came with, for some reason it looks brighter to me. I was a little skeptical about sending it somewhere so far away (I'm in Texas) but y'all were great! If only all companies operated with the same amount of courtesy and integrity. Thank you!
--Olivia Gutierrez, Houston, TX

I managed to look at the laptop today. The work is superb! I can't even tell that any of my information was moved :). Thank you so much!
--Michaela Guerin Hackner, Arlington, VA

Thank you for your friendly and fast answer to my email
--Arlene Mushalko

I am one of your London customers who reacently purchased a Power book. just wanted you to know it arrived safely and faster than i thought was phisically possible. I am a very happy customer and my new baby was in perfect condition and is also very happy. Keep it up and hope to do business again soon.
--Desmond Luke, London, England

Thank you very much for an unbeatable service.
--Simon Ellinas, Barnet, United Kingdom

I just wanted to let you know, that it was a pleasure doing business with you. You have a great system and so efficient. And the reps that I talked to when I called and again because there was an extra problem with my computer, were very courteous as well. I can't believe how fast and organized everything was. I will surely pass your number along to anyone I know who might need their computer fixed. Thanks again.
--Joan Marino, El Segundo, CA

Quick diagnostic report. Dropped off my iPhone 3GS for diagnostics in the morning and got a callback in an hour & 15 minutes. Awesome service and super helpful friendly staff. Thank you.
--A. P., Fremont, CA

Thanks a million. You guys have been great. I look forward to doing much business with you in the near future.
--Bryan Warman, Warman Productions

...kudos to you and TechRestore's customer service system. This is really the best customer service I think I've ever had. Two thumbs up!!
--Michael Foster, Turku, Finland

Thanks again for all your great service and prompt replies. I’m sure I’ll be doing business with you in the future.
--Mike Schaefer, Ashland, OR

Thank you for your fast and fine service.
--Buzz Remde, The Home Movie Group, LLC., Seattle, WA

Thank you. You guys provide a great service!
--Nora Boardman, Huntington Beach, CA