Alan Hincks
Alan H.
23:55 18 Mar 20
Very fast service on my broken IPad screen.Very knowledgeable.
Kim Maney
Kim M.
15:59 05 Mar 20
TechRestore is the best! The tiny tip on my phone charger became stuck inside my iphone (long story involving a terrorist cat) to the point that I could no longer charge the phone. TechRestore got me squared away in just a little over an hour. Also I was charged only half of the original estimate because they were able to remove the faulty tip. Win win! I highly recommend TechRestore to anyone needing phone repair!!!
Shane White
Shane W.
15:22 27 Feb 20
Got both me and my wife’s phones fixed in about 1.5 hours. Pressured us to get screen protectors that were absolute garbage (could barely use the touch screen through them.)
Mike Theobald
Mike T.
22:50 20 Jan 20
These guys were awesome. Replaced the battery in my MacBook Pro. They got it finished in less than a day at a very reasonable price. They were very knowledgeable and great to deal with. Also have fantastic deals on refurbished machines.Check them out. I’ll definitely use them again.
Vivian Le
Vivian L.
22:27 17 Jan 20
This place is awesome! Bill is a nice man. And the price is reasonable as well.
Emanuel Henderson
Emanuel H.
22:39 04 Jan 20
They gave me an honest appraisal of what I needed and didn't make me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about.
chris Higdon
chris H.
18:25 02 Jan 20
Great staff, honest and knowledgeable!
Mike Perkins
Mike P.
18:51 28 Dec 19
Staff was top notch
Justin Cooper
Justin C.
00:01 19 Dec 19
erik rust
erik R.
03:03 10 Dec 19
The guys at TechRestore are all knowledgeable and eager to help. Very good about following-up with repair updates and questions. There were a few issues with my MacBook after the first round of repairs, but TechRestore immediately took it back in to be fixed and I had a fully functional Mac within a few days. Prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended for your computer (especially Mac!) needs.
Aaron Bryant
Aaron B.
06:53 06 Dec 19
chris maguire
chris M.
13:37 30 Nov 19
Awesome people. Great service. Fair prices.
Eileen Jancarz
Eileen J.
01:53 30 Nov 19
I have used TechRestore several times, and wouldn’t take my iPhone anywhere else. They are honest, helpful and have fair pricing and fast service.
Mary Beth Singleton
Mary Beth S.
17:17 21 Nov 19
Excellent customer service in addressing my technology needs for a great price. Will be my go to place FIRST!!! for all my technology! Thank you for making my day!!!
Mike Thomas
Mike T.
18:44 19 Nov 19
TechRestore did a great job and with their express service I was back working on my ipad the same day! Would certainly recommend them to anyone who asks! THANK YOU TR
Alexander Beckett
Alexander B.
16:34 30 Oct 19
Paula & Randy McLain
Paula & Randy M.
06:08 06 Oct 19
Caroline Austin
Caroline A.
21:30 30 Sep 19
The people at Tech Restore have always been very helpful. Diagnosis is free. I took a Chromebook there last week because I wasn’t able to connect it to Internet, even though my other devices were online. They checked it first on their wireless and my device was fine. The person waiting on me told me to call my provider and ask them to run a check. Problem was eventually resolved with AT&T. There was no charge for the time that the Tech Restore person spent with me.
Ken Risen
Ken R.
11:04 20 Sep 19
Sometimes it pays to repair.
Estill Frodge
Estill F.
11:47 31 Aug 19
Staff very helpful. They do everything possible to deliver A+++ service.
Jon Neace
Jon N.
23:20 22 Aug 19
They did a very good job on my Microsoft surface
jon Neace
jon N.
14:37 11 Aug 19
They did a great job repairing my surface
Chamell Burton
Chamell B.
16:06 03 Aug 19
Lifesavers!!! Thank you
Donna Piffier
Donna P.
00:45 27 Jul 19
I took in what I thought was a broken computer.They told me it was going to be 50 or 75 bucks (I can't remember) to diagnosis the problem. They called me the next day and said it was fine, they turned it on and it works, come get it. I figured they would at least charge me the diagnostic fee but they didn't. When I got home I figured out I was hitting the wrong button to turn it on. I'm not very computer savvy and they did not take advantage of that.
Nick Mueller
Nick M.
21:55 23 Jul 19
I went in after spilling water on my MacBook Pro. They seemed very knowledgeable and resourceful. I went in right before close and had an update back to me the next day. They ordered a new battery for me and had it installed and repaired the next day fully restored. Fast, efficient, and honest repair.
Darron Stone
Darron S.
21:28 24 Jun 19
nancy porter
nancy P.
12:38 20 Jun 19
patrick young
patrick Y.
16:56 13 Jun 19
Got me in and out fast, at an affordable price. Highly recommend.
Emily Malcomb
Emily M.
16:26 08 Jun 19
Peter Dant
Peter D.
19:24 31 May 19
For the second time, TechRestore saved me a bundle of money and fixed my computer. Both times the Mac store wanted to overcharge me or have me buy a new computer. Great company and great service!
Zach Bramel
Zach B.
02:21 22 May 19
Great staff and store. We got a good deal on a refurbished machine, and have since been in for other services. Excellent every time.
David Spalding
David S.
17:40 20 May 19
If you're an Apple user in the Louisville area, you NEED to know Jeff Jewell and his crew at TechRestore. My 2013 MacBook Pro was slower than you could imagine. It hindered my ability to work, study, or perform basic tasks. I couldn't open more than one application at the same time - otherwise I'd be waiting for days for one or the other to load. Saw a colleague of mine post about TechRestore on Facebook and decided to check them out. They performed a free diagnostic, but before they did - Jeff was able to tell me what was the likely issue (a crashed or crashing hard drive).. They called me the very next morning, confirmed the issue, gave me two options and described both, and once I made my choice, they had it ready on the next business day, Monday. So, long story short.. took it to them Friday, Saturday they called and told me the issue, and Monday I had my computer back and it is a brand new machine. It's faster than when I first bought it, I dare say. Jeff was extremely kind and personable, also very knowledgeable. The price was fair.. the alternative was to pay for a lesser/temporary fix for a little less, or buy a new computer for 1k more.. I'm so glad I went to TechRestore. Beyond satisfied with my experience and their customer service & support. Got an Apple issue - look no further than TechRestore
Tara Johnson
Tara J.
18:50 09 May 19
Mark was incredibly helpful & patient with all my questions. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Mike Sapp
Mike S.
09:18 02 May 19
Jeff and his staff are awesome!. Had a iPad screen repaired, then returned to have my laptop fixed due to the great service and reasonable cost. They also have great deals on a acessories at their store. Again, refreshing to have an honest and fair business you can trust. MS Mount Washington Kentucky
Treva Brockman
Treva B.
00:25 23 Apr 19
Randall Paul
Randall P.
20:27 02 Apr 19
Great service! Less than an hour repair I6 screen. Jim was very friendly and professional. Excellent experience!!
Bonita Shain
Bonita S.
21:40 24 Mar 19
03:49 19 Mar 19
Every time I have been here the folks are super nice, very helpful, and patient with questions. When I updated to a Mac system they were the first place I thought of. I purchased my Mac and they even mirrored my old pc to make things easier for the transition. Thanks a bunch guys. If you want to shop local and keep the money in Louisville shop here. Not only that, but they’ll save you a bunch of money and get you into a Mac.
Lori Smith
Lori S.
15:38 02 Mar 19
Great customer service! Friendly helpful staff! Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
00:43 26 Jan 19
Im so impressed with all the staff that helped me get my MAC that i purchased from TechRestore up and running. I've gone back to the store with a few questions and P.J. and Jeff were very patient with me. I highly recommend...
Mark Baker
Mark B.
16:50 18 Jan 19
Honest, fair, and easy to deal with. If you go somewhere else, you will be sorry.
Misty Treptau
Misty T.
01:28 13 Jan 19
Service was quick and easy. Thank you so much 🙂
Helen Gividen
Helen G.
15:44 11 Jan 19
Friendly staff, exceptional service and very affordable. Highly recommend this place for tech support and service.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin J.
00:37 02 Jan 19
This store was excellent with customer service and technical support. When others would not assist, this store came through and fixed iPhone 7 Plus for a great price and quick turn around. Very happy with experience and would recommend. If I need further assistance in the future this will be my first stop, not the apple store.
Patrick Melton
Patrick M.
02:34 29 Dec 18
Great and fast service! Took my iPad in for a screen replacement and it was ready the next day. Decided to also have them do a RAM and SSD upgrade on my 2012 MacBook Pro. They had me fixed up and ready to go in a couple of days even though it was over Christmas. Will use again if needed!
Alex Gergely
Alex G.
16:27 26 Dec 18
ethan estes
ethan E.
16:56 24 Dec 18
Wonderful service! Knowledgeable, quick, reasonable pricing.
Mark B
Mark B
01:57 03 Dec 18
Better than new
Rick Rayome
Rick R.
23:23 30 Nov 18
I am very pleased to give Jeff and his team my highest recommendation for their technical skill and outstanding customer service. My daughter's Mac was good as new after visiting the computer physicians at TechRestore. Great job!
05:54 30 Nov 18
No better Apple place in town...
The Party Stage Co.
The Party Stage C.
16:00 10 Nov 18
Being a small business owner, my laptop is my #1 tool, so when mine started having some power issues I somewhat dreaded having to find a place for repairs. After seeing all the positive reviews that TechRestore has, I decided to reach out. I received a quick reply and was told to bring it on in. Being without my laptop was going to be hard, especially since I didn't know how long. I dropped it off Tuesday at 4pm and was told it shouldn't take more than a day or two. I received a call the next day at noon being informed that all issues had been resolved and that it was ready for pickup. I picked it back up on Wednesday at 4pm. I don't care what line of work you are in a 24-hour turnaround time is incredible. I dealt with PJ both days and he was extremely personable and I felt completely comfortable leaving my companies backbone in his hands. Thank you all so much for the quick, quality work and great customer service. You have made life long customers out of The Party Stage Co.
Michael Kirk
Michael K.
19:23 09 Nov 18
Good people
Shawn Smith
Shawn S.
17:38 08 Nov 18
Quick, professional, quality service at a very affordable price. Not to mention a 1 year warranty on all repairs. They got the Battop back up and running in 1 day. Thank you guys for being top notch. Highly recommended!!
Hunter Sattich
Hunter S.
20:29 24 Sep 18
Great service, knowledge and pricing! Excellent place to go for Apple know how at fair prices...
NYCto Louisville
NYCto L.
13:07 24 Sep 18
I went in thinking that I needed a new battery for an old iPhone because, I was told, it shuts down randomly when it’s at a low charge. I told the tech that’s what I wanted. After running a diagnostic I was told and shown that the battery was fine. Even though I could have paid for a new battery! The tech was honest, knowledgeable & the company’s prices were reasonable. I would definitely come back for future problems. Great job guys. Keep it up.
Daniel Mooney
Daniel M.
06:16 19 Sep 18
This place is the place to go if your apple products aren't working right. The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable about all their products and services. Plus they have an original apple computer that has oregan trail on it my kids were like that's what you had to play on as a kid dad. Ha kids, I love TECH RESTORE.
Bob McMullan
Bob M.
20:18 14 Sep 18
Extremely satisfied with TechRestore They removed my hard drive from my damaged iMac (lightning strike) and transferred it onto my new computer. Thankfully, all my data was transferred intact into my new computer and it is working fine. Highly recommend TechRestore for those that may have a problem with an Apple device.BWM Bardstown, KY
Sanjay Gangal
Sanjay G.
16:43 17 Aug 18
Hoosier Friend
Hoosier F.
00:15 11 Aug 18
-Wonderful, friendly service- -Very reasonable prices- They serviced my MacBook. I will be recommending them to everyone I know with computer repair needs.
Tony Shelburne
Tony S.
16:56 24 Jun 18
Great place, great staff. I went in just to look around and found a replacement for my dying 2010 MacBook Pro. I’ll will definitely recommend for Mac, iPad and iPhone service.
Andrea Calihan
Andrea C.
13:53 06 Jun 18
Polite, informative, prompt!! In short, just awesome. I will recommend this service to all of my friends and family!
Todd Williams
Todd W.
19:38 04 Jun 18
The service was excellent. Fast and friendly staff. Thanks for everything!! My new Apple repair headquarters.
Kelsie Spencer
Kelsie S.
16:58 21 May 18
Always friendly and genuienly helpful! Want the best deal for you
Anthony Prichinello
Anthony P.
22:45 03 May 18
Professional, fast and friendly. Reasonable charges. Would highlyrecommend
Darrell Boaz
Darrell B.
19:22 20 Apr 18
Patty Orourke
Patty O.
17:34 17 Apr 18
I had an awesome experience at this store. Jeff helped me choose the perfect phone for my college student!He knew exactly what would be a priority for this age group.I highly recommend the TechRestore
C. Reid
C. R.
16:02 30 Mar 18
very plesant experance with good service. Restored iPad I purchased was a great buy.
Bernice Blackie
Bernice B.
02:14 11 Mar 18
Affordable Price and good customer service and good technician too
John S
John S
21:26 02 Mar 18
Travis and the staff are great and personable. They know their stuff and prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend TechRestore.Update: I dropped off two iPhones 3/2/18 and again, superior service. The integrity and honesty of the staff is welcome. These guys are awesome. If you have to get your tech fixed there’s no better place in town. Thanks gain.
R.C. Dalton
R.C. D.
14:49 14 Feb 18
All your computer needs, excellent place to stop. Close to several shops and stores. Plenty of parking and lots of area to park. Can be seen from the main road and easy to get there. Very clean and nice store. Great employees and very nice and friendly. The best.
Becky McClellan
Becky M.
19:58 27 Jan 18
Unbelievable customer service and so knowledgeable
Ted Nunn
Ted N.
15:07 24 Jan 18
Sarah Springer
Sarah S.
19:06 15 Jan 18
Extremely knowledgeable staff and fantastic customer service.
Timothy Queenan
Timothy Q.
20:45 12 Jan 18
Friendly service, super fast and great price! Best place go for your Apple needs!! Jeff & P.J. are the best!!!
Amanda Jewell
Amanda J.
16:27 12 Jan 18
Friendly, fast, and amazing staff!
Joe Argabrite
Joe A.
14:12 08 Jan 18
These guys far exceeded my expectations. They really know apple products, communicate well, are priced fairly and will go the extra mile to please. My fix on an iPhone 7 wasn't an easy one but they stuck with it an ultimately I got more than my money's worth. They certainly have won my loyalty.
19:51 05 Jan 18
iPhone 6s Battery ReplacementCustomer Service - outstanding. Was greeted and assisted immediately after I walked in. Jeff, the technician who assisted me, was very friendly and helpful.Repair Quality - outstanding. My battery life is BACK! No new issues. Timelines - Very Efficient. Discussion of wanted repair service was quick, easy, and pleasant. Was given a very fast turn around time (1.5 hours) and the phone was ready once i got back. Price - offered battery replacement for only $29. No additional fees. Can't beat that.Overall - A great experience. Will be going here first for all my future Apple needs.
02:42 05 Jan 18
Great service and very friendly staff! Fixed my Apple Watch in a short period of time at half the cost they were going to charge me to fix it at Apple. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for affordable reliable service.
Bruce Hoke
Bruce H.
21:53 03 Jan 18
Maddie Miles
Maddie M.
20:40 31 Dec 17
I took my shattered iPhone 6 to Tech Restore and it is now in perfect condition. Great service and it was fixed very fast.
Martha Privett
Martha P.
04:03 30 Dec 17
Peter Klein
Peter K.
12:16 21 Dec 17
Douglas Prater
Douglas P.
13:24 18 Dec 17
Very knowledgeable staff. Quick service and excellent work!
Jamie Wells
Jamie W.
23:19 08 Dec 17
Great customer service! Had them replace the screen on an iPad Mini, performed work quickly,. Had a minor issue with the home button the next day and they took care of it and apologized for the inconvenience.I will definitely recommend these folks to anyone. And if I ever need work done on any device I will return!
Brooke Money
Brooke M.
22:48 30 Nov 17
Awesome place for quick and reliable repairs. They had my phone fixed within an hour and my phone looked brand new. Jeff was super nice and helped me find the perfect case and screen protector. Highley recommended!!
Maritza Benito
Maritza B.
21:20 28 Nov 17
Kevin Wilson
Kevin W.
01:03 26 Nov 17
Place is as advertised. They are fast, affordable, do good work, and are also nice people. Give them your business.
Alex Kennedy
Alex K.
01:11 16 Nov 17
I had a terrible experience from a local iPhone repair place here in Louisville before I came to TechRestore. They attempted to repair my iPhone 7 screen but come to find out, the previous repair shop used cheap parts that were not Apple certified that ended up damaging it entirely. TechRestore dealt directly with the Apple store for me and lent me one of their in store iPhones for an entire week until Apple could make a diagnosis. Turns out my iPhone couldn’t even be repaired by Apple so TechRestore got me a brand new iPhone with no more cost to me!! I never leave reviews but these guys were extremely personable, knowledgeable and went above and beyond for me. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality of their work and service! Thanks again Jeff and your TechRestore crew!!
Nacetia Burke
Nacetia B.
17:03 15 Nov 17
TechRestore was so very helpful with my situation! I would give more than 5 stars if I could!!! Definitely recommend for any repair and/or purchase! Great customer service!!! THANK YOU TECHRESTORE!!!
Breanna Boggs
Breanna B.
07:40 15 Nov 17
Wyatt Weeks
Wyatt W.
21:04 31 Oct 17
Incredibly quick and professional. I will recommend them to anyone that is looking for electronic repair.
Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian W.
15:07 31 Oct 17
I had received a much-higher quote for data recovery from another vendor, so I was delighted to find a shop that does this kind of work locally. The customer service was outstanding, as were the results and the price! Thank you, TechRestore! I will be referring others.
Melissa Gruner
Melissa G.
22:24 20 Oct 17
The best if you need to have any apple product fixed! They also have great buys on restored apple devices!!!
Dustin Tucker
Dustin T.
20:25 13 Oct 17
Great people with years of experience. I will never go anywhere else as long as these guys are around. Plus cheaper than the options in town!
Hong Shang
Hong S.
19:56 09 Oct 17
Bailey Steinberger
Bailey S.
20:32 07 Oct 17
This store was great. The service was really nice when I went in to get my phone screen fixed, and quick! Would definetly recommend to someone else.
Jennifer Forst
Jennifer F.
14:56 08 Sep 17
It's like the ER for your iPhone! They've done a rapid fire repair job on my cracked iPhone screen twice now. now) Super nice and super quick! Had my phone back good as new in about an hour!
Josh Campbell
Josh C.
14:41 20 Jul 17
Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, turnaround time was very fast to repair my iPhone. Expected to pay double what they actually charged for the repair. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my Apple repairs.
Will Wingard
Will W.
01:12 08 Apr 17
Daria Prebilic Cole
Daria Prebilic C.
02:04 04 Apr 17
Their staff is very knowledgable and can get your repairs done in record time! I have never broken my phone and had it fixed in the same day, but I am so glad that the people at TechRestore were able to get it done without any issues. I have used them three times in the past and will definitely use them in the future.
Billie Mandel
Billie M.
00:38 21 Mar 17
High quality, fast repair at a fraction of the cost Apple quoted me (like, $200 less. For real). Well worth the drive to Concord, even in traffic. Nice people, too, with nary a trace of mansplaining. I'll go there first next time.
Monica Saylor
Monica S.
20:03 07 Mar 17
Great service, they kept me informed and delivered on time.
Aida Merrill
Aida M.
19:12 07 Mar 17
I'm never usually in a hurry to have my items fixed but when I am, TechRestore recognizes my sense of urgency and they come through every time. Everyone from the front office to the techs are great and will explain in detail what needs to be done/what they did to fix the item. I highly recommend TechRestore!
Nicole Sterley
Nicole S.
21:11 21 Feb 17
Tech restore was awesome in communication and work. They let me know what needed to be done with in hours. Listened to what I wanted and followed up. They were vet fast and did excellent work.
Manuela Rohr
Manuela R.
01:35 09 Feb 17
5 stars everything... dropped my ipad and broke on/off button....The guys at TechRestore took everything apart and fixed it in one day!!!! Thank you!
Marcia Segovia
Marcia S.
19:22 20 Jan 17
Really nice and straightforward service
Michael Coyne
Michael C.
04:06 28 Dec 16
TechRestore resolved my problems quickly and efficiently. They were attentive and knowledgeable and had the correct solution for my problem. I would recommend them to anyone who has an issue with a pc or mac.
George Griffin
George G.
22:56 09 Dec 16
very happy with the work and time..Took about 1 1/2 hour to replace screen on iphone 6s. fair price and nice people definitely will go back
Michael Gacsaly
Michael G.
00:38 30 Nov 16
I have had a few computer and iphone repairs done here over several years. They always did good work at a fair price and very quickly (usually about an hour). I have done an iphone screen repair myself and would never do it again, as it was much more effective to have them do it for the modest difference in price (just parts vs. full install).
Natasha Fitness Made Fun
Natasha Fitness Made F.
23:26 17 Oct 16
Dropped in without an appointment. Got my phone back in perfect condition one hour later. Quick and easy. Highly recommend!
Gary Bedell
Gary B.
02:31 13 Oct 16
Good fast service. Excellent communication with Paul. I always send my Apple products to TechRestore.
Tina Tanenbaum
Tina T.
18:11 12 Oct 16
Great as always.
Humboldt Things
Humboldt T.
19:42 08 Sep 16
Pavlo Kurochka
Pavlo K.
17:23 24 Jul 16
Cheryl Gardopee
Cheryl G.
18:39 16 Jul 16
I've bought products and services from these folks over 10 years. ALWAYS amazing responsiveness, technical support above and beyond the call. Recently, bought an ipad from them that stopped working close to 2 months after purchase. No questions asked, immediate , prompt service and refund. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Jomari Peterson
Jomari P.
19:43 01 Jul 16
I checked my apple mini in at daybreak it was ready at noon. It was a screen replacement for $129. One of the better deals I have come across. They were very professional and quick. They also had a very efficient registering process. You put your information into a computer at the receptionist area and they get right to it.
Elena Marinelli
Elena M.
16:26 22 Jun 16
Amazing service ! I had to replace the screen on my IPhone , and this guys offered the faster service and the better price.
Gil Gautereaux
Gil G.
15:49 17 Jun 16
JGregg FatScribe
JGregg F.
06:36 17 Jun 16
Have had 3 products repaired by TechRestore over last two years, and have always been treated in a stellar manner by their team. One repair was a "rapid" request for a son's phone, and the pricing was always fair.Cannot recommend highly enough!
Natalie Baldacci
Natalie B.
00:14 15 Jun 16
Jim Cooper
Jim C.
02:26 04 Jun 16
I have utilized Tech Restore for many of my aApple products. Tech Restore has always done top quality work whether it has been replacing broken iPad or iPhone screens or replacing batteries in phones and laptops. The staff is very helpful and the turn around time is fast. I have never been let down by Tech Restore's quality of work or service.
Dave Hamilton
Dave H.
18:23 02 Jun 16
Absolutely my first stop for anything that isn't covered under AppleCare. These folks at TechRestore really know their stuff and REALLY know how to treat customers. Always stellar.
John Paxson
John P.
17:31 25 May 16
Shannon and his staff are consummate professionals. They are always looking for the most expedient and cost effective solution. Turn around is fast, as they are sensitive to how dependent we have become to our connected devices. If you have a broken Apple product, take it to TechRestore. They will have you up and running in no time!
p r
p r
16:59 24 May 16
great service fixed my phone same day.
Hamid Haidari
Hamid H.
16:45 19 May 16
The staff at TechRestore are amazing! Very professional, courteous and prompt. My daughter had broken her phone screen - they replaced it in a timely fashion with excellent customer service. Highly recommend them!!
Stewart Kennon
Stewart K.
17:51 18 May 16
I have been working with TechRestore for the last couple of years and they have fixed hundreds of iPhones and iPads for my company. The staff does an excellent job and they stand behind their work. They have taken damaged devices and made them look brand new. They test each device after the repair to insure it is in great condition. Their customer service is outstanding.
Greg Kronmal
Greg K.
02:02 18 May 16
TechRestore helped me out with their amazing customer service when I needed my MacBook screen repaired. I received my laptop back in less than two days and it looked and performed like brand new again!
Bruce Linde
Bruce L.
23:41 17 May 16
these guys rock... i've sent several clients to them for replacement iPhone screens, and all reported stellar customer service. i also spoke with shannon about my early 2011 macbook pro video issues, and he pointed me to apple for a no-cost logic board replacement. this is a good karma business.
Sandra Karlin
Sandra K.
02:45 04 Nov 15
Great service! Professional and accurate!!
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